Introducing Aquamation to Winnipeg

What is Aquamation?

Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, aquamation is an environmentally friendly disposition method. For families who choose to have a viewing with aquamation, their loved one will be placed into an appropriate container. The loved one will be then placed in a clean stainless steel vessel. The combination of water flow, temperature, and an alkaline accelerator begin the natural process of tissue hydrolysis. Once the process is complete, the deceased is returned to its natural form, dissolved in the water. After aquamation, the final product prior to processing are mineral bone remains. Families generally receive 20% more ash remains than direct cremation.

Aquamation is gentle and flameless – this disposition process contains no harmful emissions and saves 90% more energy than direct cremation.

Aquamation services are a meaningful and affordable way to remember those close to us. Direct-Care offers many services to make your experience a memorable one for everyone involved. Like direct cremation, aqumation offers many similarities to a traditional funeral service, like public visitations, burials, and so forth. These include:

Urns – We provide a variety of urns and other memorial products to help ensure your loved one will be properly represented and memorialized.

Public Viewing and Visitation – A traditional cremation involves a public viewing as a final tribute. This is always an option for the family. Direct-Care is happy to offer public viewings and visitations.

Chapel or Graveside Service – This service is ideal for families preferring a traditional funeral service. This includes an aquamation rather than a burial.

Final Resting Place – It’s important for families to remember that urns can be buried, placed in a mausoleum, columbarium or in a special urn garden. All these services are available at Direct-Care.

Flexible Aquamation Services

Direct-Care is flexible – we offer families the option to choose a service that suit them best. More families are choosing to separate from traditional services and for options that better suit their needs. Direct-Care delivers a selection of services that other cremation services cannot – at prices funeral homes cannot beat.

Basic Features of Aquamation

As the body can be aquamated following death, the traditional approach to services would change. Aquamation, much like cremation, can eliminate the need for burial products and setvices – lowering overall costs.

  • Aquamation involves the use of a simpler vessel.
  • There is no need for any body preparation or embalming since there is no viewing or wake before aquamation.
  • Although a simple memorial service may be held, the lack of formal funeral arrangements simplifies the process.

Aquamation is a more affordable options when compared to a traditional funeral and avoids many of the costly expenses: casket, preparation of the body, viewing and other funeral services, as well as transportation and memorial.

For cremation and aquamation services, Direct-Care Cremation & Aquamation will place a simple notification in the Free Press to a maximum of $35. Anything above, family will be responsible for paying.

Please check back soon for aquamation pricing details.

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