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Winnipeg’s Leader in Cremation Services

An increasing number of Canadians are making cremation their choice for saying good-bye to their loved one. Direct-Care Cremation provides cremation services as a meaningful, yet affordable way in which to remember those close to us.

Direct-Care Cremation offers many services to make your experience a memorable one for everyone involved. Cremation offers many similarities to a traditional funeral service – it allows for public visitation, burial and so forth. These include:

  • Urns – We provide a variety of urns and other memorial products to help ensure your loved one’s will be well represented and memorialized.
  • Public Viewing and Visitation – A traditional cremation involves a public viewing as a final tribute to one’s loved one and is always an option for the family. This service is also available at Direct-Care Cremation.
  • Chapel or Graveside Service – This service is ideal for the family that prefers a traditional funeral service but includes a cremation rather than a burial.
  • Final Resting Place – It’s important for families to remember that urns can be buried, placed in a mausoleum, columbarium or in a special urn garden. All these services are available at Direct-Care Cremation.
Cremation Services - Direct CareFlexible Cremation Services

Direct-Care Cremation is about being flexible and offering families the option to choose a service that suit them best. Increasingly, families are choosing to separate themselves from the traditional funeral service and are looking for options that better suit their needs. Direct-Care Cremation delivers a selection of services that other cremation services cannot – at prices funeral homes cannot beat.

What is a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation refers to the disposition of the body by cremating it in the days immediately following a person’s death. This is the most affordable option for disposition.

With direct cremation, the deceased is cremated without an initial service. However, a memorial service can be held thereafter at any time. For many this allows the family the opportunity to prepare a “celebration of life” service that works within their timing and control.

Direct Cremation Services are a practical, more affordable alternative to the traditional funeral service. They offer more flexibility and a choice of services that gives the family the opportunity to select the services they value most.

Basic Features of a Direct Cremation

Since the body is cremated shortly following death, the services of a funeral home are not required. The services of a crematory can be reserved directly. This generally results in significant savings to the consumer.

Because direct cremation does not involve a traditional funeral, it generally does not include any pre-funeral events. Therefore, a cremation service avoids many of the costs of a formal funeral.

  • Rather than using an expensive casket, cremation will usually involve the use of a simpler vessel.
  • There is no need for any body preparation or embalming since there is no viewing or wake before the cremation.
  • Although a simple memorial service may be held, the lack of formal funeral arrangements simplifies the process.
Cremation Service Options

Direct Cremation

  • Involves no immediate memorial service, however, one can be held at a later date.

Traditional Cremation

  • This service involves having a memorial service before the cremation.
How to Arrange a Direct Cremation

The professional staff at Direct-Care Cremation can handle all details in relation to a cremation. These details include:

  • Completing the death certificate
  • Transporting the body to the crematory
Direct Cremation Costs

As discussed above, direct cremation is a more affordable option when compared to a traditional funeral, as it avoids many of the costly expenses: casket, preparation of the body, viewing and other funeral services, as well as transportation and memorial.

Finally, you may wish to bury the cremated remains in a cemetery. These costs, along with a memorial or grave marker; cemetery fees for opening/closing the grave; installing the memorial; and perpetual care fees are above the quoted Direct-Care Cremation fee. See our price details here.

For more information visit our FAQ’s or to inquire about our Cremation Services, contact us today!